Simple Halloween Costumes:
a Tale of Two Cities...

We want you to have lots of ideas for halloween costumes, so let's explore just one example where you might want to get creative with one of the many mens, womens, boys or girls halloween costumes:

In our world literary history, there are numerous famous fictional characters. Some are loathed, some are admired, and some are redeemed by the end of the story. One of the most widely known and studied classic novels is Charles Dickens’ “A Tale of Two Cities”. In it, the character of Sydney Carton is introduced to us as a lazy alcoholic barrister, who views his own life as utterly worthless, but by the end of the book, has redeemed himself and his own life, by making the ultimate sacrifice. He is one of the most significantly transformed and fully realized characters in literary history, and one of the most interesting plot lines to consider. If you are a fan of Charles Dickens, or of this novel, you might enjoy dressing as Sydney Carton for Halloween. This would be considered one of our easy halloween costumes.

While there is a description of him in the book, there are also a few images to be found if you don’t feel like re- reading. There are a few images of engravings included in most copies of the book, and you can also take cues from the musical production recently mounted on broadway. He is mostly imagined as wearing a wrinkled and poorly cared for suit. The action of the book occurs during the French Revolution, and Sydney Carton is a depressed alcoholic, all three of which imply a certain type of soiled, or dusty appearance and by the end of the book, he has spent a night in prison. To create a costume, you can reference these images online or build your own. You’ll want to find a suit in the style of that era, which requires britches and stockings, a jacket, a blouse, and a vest. If you're after some of the best halloween costumes, a literary costume can be an excellent choice.

Sydney Carton was a barrister, which generally calls to mind an image of a robe swathed body with a funny wig on top. However, since he is relatively young, he is most often seen as wearing his own dark hair in the style of the day. This means shorter or curled on top with a low ponytail of hair in the back. It’s the same sort of hairstyle worn be many of the colonialist in America. It is also the same style as some current actual barrister wigs, with the exception of the powdering or dying white. You can easily find a brown colored wig to suggest the era of the French Revolution online. (Creative halloween costumes are so much fun!)

If you're interested in halloween costumes for women and enjoy dressing as literary characters, you can dress as Lucie Manette, or Madame Defarge. Both of these characters are painted with broad strokes and have less internal conflict than Sydney Carton. Lucie is the angelic ingenue in the story who inspires such love in Sydney Carton as to turn his life around. She is “The Golden Thread” which weaves together many separate people into one plot line for the book. You can create or find a simple dress in the style of that period, and finish it with a very fair haired wig in an updo.

Madame Defarge, is the older owner of a wine shop, and one of the most vicious revolutionaries in the book. To dress as her, you will need a simple peasant costume with a full skirt, and style your hair into a loose bun. There is some creative freedom allowed in terms of the hairstyle for Madame Defarge. Her family were victims of a vicious crime that created the heartless persona that she exhibits. Since the crime happened long ago, I sometimes see her with white hair pulled loosely into a bun and there are many such wigs to choose from in our store.

Now, if it's halloween costumes for couples you're after... well, we believe couple halloween costumes can really take your experience to the next level. So maybe you'll pair up with someone and go as BOTH Madame Defarge and Sydney Carton.

Whoever you decide to dress as from “A Tale of Two Cities” for Halloween, you’re sure to have a fun time inhabiting these well-known characters! We have everything from newborn halloween costumes to plus size halloween costumes for women, to halloween costumes for dogs :-)

Did You Know?

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  • DIY Costume Idea: Calculator - We just love funny adult halloween costumes, so check this out: find two substantial heavy pieces of cardboard that are good sized enough to cover your entire torso from shoulders to knees. Connect them with two straps that will hang over your shoulders. On the front piece, create buttons by cutting square pieces of cardboard and gluing them into place. Turn to markers or paint to paint them, and add numbers and symbols.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Jester - dress in a colorful jumpsuit in silky reds, greens, yellows and blues, with contrasting cuffs and buttons. Make a matching cape or long vest. Create a collar with colorful triangle points (hanging down) and a cap with colorful triangles (pointing up). Dress in jester shoes with bells hanging on the tips. Make this one yourself, or take advantage of one of our wholesale halloween costumes.
  • DIY Costume Idea: Bam Bam - put on an orange loin cloth with dark-colored dots, together with a smallish orange cap. Turn to temporary hair color to make your hair white-colored. This is great if you're into simple halloween costumes.
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  • DIY Costume Idea: Catcher in the Rye - This might just win you an award for one of the most clever halloween costumes: locate a set of (baseball) catcher's gear and put on it. Then grab a clear garbage bag, and sketch or stick labels on it to duplicate a bread bag from a loaf of rye bread. Cut openings for your legs, forearms and face, and put it on across the catching equipment. Twist tie the bag on tank-top.

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